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Freiwilligendienst im Ausland

Ich (Abi 2017) möchte Helfen! Freiwilligendienst in Asien



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  • Wohnort : DE - 14476 Potsdam


My decision to make a voluntary service was motivated by my interest to make the world better. I don’t only want to watch, I want to take active part that support the process of improving the future for people and the nature. Being helpful, doing meaningful work to change something for the better and positively affecting something in the world would make me happy. I want to experience in the voluntary service the feeling that I have done something good.

In my opinion the smile of people and especially children is most significant in the world. If I could help in a project with children or people in general I would be there as a listener and a person that they can trust. In my role as a volunteer I would like to enable them to forget about their everyday life, to laugh and to have fun. On the other hand I would like to hear what they have to say. I hope to encounter impressive people with interesting stories. With me they could shake their worries off and I want to give especially children something on their way. The most important thing is that the children and the people have happy moments and smile!

I also have the opinion that the nature is the most precious asset of the world. If I could help in an environment project I would like to build up the country and strengthen it. For me to protect the nature, the animals and the humans is very significant. During my work experience as an environmental engineer in 2014 I learnt about the importance of the nature, the sustainability and the natural resources. With my work I want to help for a better life and future.

I saw the causes of my motivation in travels especially to Asia (Sri Lanka, Thailand and the Maldives). There I witnessed the consequences of the climate change and natural catastrophes for humans and nature. These experiences influenced me greatly as I was deeply moved and shocked due to the situations. My wish to make a voluntary service increased very much as I have experienced it very closely and I was able to make my own picture. From this time was certain for me that I want to help and that I have to help!

I’m qualified for a voluntary service because I’m adaptable and very motivated. I like to work with children and people which I realised during my work experience in a kindergarten in 2015. Furthermore I am extremely interested in foreign cultures and countries. I’m able to work under pressure and for my age I’m very independent which makes me suitable as a volunteer. Moreover I have no problems with hard work or tropical climate. Other people value my cosmopolitanism and dependableness.

Personally I would like to get to know new cultures, people and gain new experiences. I want to exhibit commitment and excel myself. I want to help!

I would be glad if I would get the opportunity to see the world with different eyes as a volunteer!

Art der Stelle

  • gesetzlich geregelter Freiwilligendienst
  • flexibler Freiwilligendienst


  • mit Kindern
  • Naturschutz
  • Bildung / Unterrichten
  • mit Tieren

Beginn und Dauer

  • Dienstbeginn : 9 / 2017
  • Dauer : 9 Monate oder nach Absprache

Besondere Kenntnisse

  • Führerschein :
    Klasse B
  • Fremdsprachen :
    Deutsch, Englisch, Spanisch

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