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  • Wohnort : DE - 65366 Geisenheim


My name is Lea and at the beginning of my voluntary work I am 18 years old. I am born in Germany and this is also my home country.
After my graduation from school I want to do something important in the world and to help where help is needed before I start my medical studies back in Germany.
Now, during my last school year, I work at a home for disabled people two times a week, take care of a horse three times a week and live together with two dogs.In my freetime I am a passionate rider, love to read books in german or english, I walk with my dogs in our near forest or in the wineyards which are surrounding my hometown or I organize my studying and other activities in a creative way. I am a fast learning person with interest in both theoretical and practical working.
In my past I was a active swimmer at the DLRG (German lifesaving company) and because of that I am a trained life guard, have got an qualification as paramedic and have got experience with teaching children how to swim.
All this qualifications show that I am willing to help whether it is with any kind of people or animals. Moreover I am also curious to learn about areas I have no experiences with or to complement my knowledge about things I already know something about.
I choose to do voluntary work in a foreign country, because I want to expand my personal horizon with getting to know other cultures, other forms of society, new people, another language and in general the way how life works in another state than Germany.
I would be very thankful to have a opportunity to do voluntary work.

Art der Stelle

  • gesetzlich geregelter Freiwilligendienst
  • flexibler Freiwilligendienst


  • mit Kindern
  • mit Erwachsenen
  • mit Behinderten
  • mit Senioren
  • Landwirtschaft
  • Naturschutz
  • Kultur / Sport
  • Bildung / Unterrichten
  • mit Tieren
  • Menschenrechte
  • medizinische Hilfe
  • sonstige

Beginn und Dauer

  • Dienstbeginn : 7 / 2019 oder nach Absprache
  • Dauer : 24 Monate oder nach Absprache

Besondere Kenntnisse

  • Führerschein :
    european driving licence
  • Fremdsprachen :
    german (mothertongue), english (advanced), latin (advanced)

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