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Voluntary work in Africa (preferebly with children)



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I want to do voluntary work because I know that I was blessed to be born in this country and especially to be born in such a loving and caring family. I realized very early that this is a privilege, that only a tiny amount of the worlds population has. Lots of people ignore their bad conscience when they hear news about the amount of people who are starving, in need of a refuge or being opressed by the regime for example - but I don\\\\\\\'t. In grade 8 for example I tried to do something to help as far as my possibilites allowed it. I started selling cake in school because that seemed to be the only realizable option I had. I mobilized my peers to help me and support my project by bringing cake along. In the end we earned around 200 €. At the age of thirteen I was able to donate 200€ to an orphan house in Somalia. Since then I never doubted my possibilities to help again. Now I am eighteen and almost done with school and by that I can finally do what I was waiting for for so long. I already mentioned, that my father is originally from Ghana. We have a close relationship and as I grew older he got more and more detailled about his home country. He told me what poverty means and how grateful I should be - I am. I grew up as a german. I am german, I think german and I live german but I learned where my roots are. Now that I\\\\\\\'ve come to understand what I can do for people that need support I can\\\\\\\'t think of anything that I would rather do.
I am interested in development policy because I can\\\\\\\'t listen to news without disgust. Nobody seems to be responsible for drowning refugees or civil war victims. They give obligatory statements about developing countries or failed states but words don\\\\\\\'t feed the poor neither they educate children. I want to participate actively. I want to use my wisdom and education and share it with those who want to learn but can\\\\\\\'t.. Afterwards I could inspire people as some sort of ambassador.
Also I wouldn\\\\\\\'t start from scratch. I spend a lot of my freetime with children by taking care of them or being a tutor. Of course I have taught a lot of them when to use the past tense or how to express feelings in French but they have taught me a lot of things too! How to trust for example. It\\\\\\\'s so easy yet so hard sometimes. It\\\\\\\'s a heartwarming feeling to realize that they trust you or see a person to look up to in you. I feel responsible for them because they are often needy of someone who cares about them. They told me about their past, which was very hard for me too sometimes. Some of them were orphans, disadvantaged or have been victims to sexual assault or abuse. I have always felt deeply sorry but still treated them like everyone else because I think that it\\\\\\\'s way easier to go through things like that in a community that has your back. The feedback from my colleagues or parents was always positive, which makes me proud and self-assured.
That\\\\\\\'s why I think that I would be a good choice for your project. Even though I\\\\\\\'m only eighteen years old I\\\\\\\'ve experienced a lot with children or people who were completely different than me. I\\\\\\\'m mature, willing to help, fearless and interested in everything that is about to come. Thank you for your attention
Sincerely, Samira

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    German (native speaker), English, French, Latin (basic), Mandarin (basic)

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