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  • Wohnort : DE - 34123 Kassel


Letter of Motivation

I am Hannah Schmidt and I’m 17 years old. I come from Germany. Next year I will do my A-levels (Abitur). My advanced courses are English and Religion.

I play handball in a sports club and go to training two times per week. On the weekend I have matches where I try to give my best for the team. Now I’m playing handball for 6 years. I have two brothers, which are 13 years old. They play soccer. I really like to watch and support them on their soccer matches.
Furthermore I play the piano and have a lesson every week. I’m playing the piano for 10 years now.
I like animals. I have a cat which is 11 years old. His name is Buddy. I have a dog too. His name is Bond and he is 7 month old. They belong to my family and I really like them. But I like other animals too.
I love to hang out with my family and friends. I have a cousin who is as old as me. We have a really good relationship and she is like a sister for me. We always wanted to live in another country. She was one year in Japan for an exchange. Now I want to fulfil my dream and live in South Africa for 11 months.
Often my cousin and I were on holiday courses, for example Sylt for two weeks and many holiday courses for riding. We spent the time together and get new friends. I love to make new friends and get to know their culture.
In 2014 I had a school exchange where I was in Australia with a few other students of my school for eight weeks. We lived in exchange families in Brisbane and went to school there. I really liked to see another way of life and learn to know the Australian attitude towards life. One year before my exchange student was here in Germany and lived in my house. I improved my English skills, but more important I learned so much about culture and the country in general. I loved to make new friends and we have contact till today. In my opinion this time was the best time I ever had.
After school I want to become a doctor. I want to study medicine but this subject has a waiting time for several years. So, I want to use this time wisely. I want to do a social year to get new experiences. After that I’m going to do an education and become a nurse before I start to study.
For me the wish to become a nurse and later a doctor is mainly driven by the wish of helping people. As I’m living in a rich country it is our task to help and support people whose environment is more difficult. To my opinion the best way to help is by coordinated development aid. Because I’m determined and a real team player I’m always struggling and not giving up when a goal needs to be reached.
As South Africa is one of the major topics in my English class, it is fascinating me very much. I learned a lot about history, culture, way of live, fauna, flora and economy and my wish to travel to South Africa is getting bigger and bigger.
Social work in South Africa offers the possibility to learn about the country and the culture not only from English class but in direct contact with the people. As animals are fascinating me too, I would love to combine working with animals and living in South Africa culture. In preparation for my studies working with and helping people would also fulfil my dreams.
I would describe myself as curious, ambitious and helpful. Furthermore I am a good team player and integrate me in the group. I do not like if somebody gets barred.

I would be happy hearing from you soon.

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  • medizinische Hilfe

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  • Dienstbeginn : 8 / 2017 oder nach Absprache
  • Dauer : 11 Monate oder nach Absprache

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  • Fremdsprachen :
    Englisch, Latein

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