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Motivation, the key ingredient of every successful cocktail one must remember to input. Motivation for volunteering. Well, that’s easy.

Being blessed with the privileged education I have, I feel an inborn instinct to volunteer work, no matter what it is. I believe that as a modern citizen, especially one born much above the poverty line, one must uptake every opportunity to give to society, especially those who are in much worse shape than you are.

Starting in grade 8, I have volunteered at a local orphanage in Suzhou, China (the tigerhill orphanage). For a whole year, my classmates and I visited the orphanage to help children, alternating each week, to teach English and also just to play with some of the younger kids. However, due to funding reasons the orphanage diverted to another province, thus ending that path of my service experience.

The next year I joined a group called SAVP, the South Africa Vastfontein Project. This was also an orphanage work project, but it was situated in South Africa. The goal of this project was to create infrastructure for the orphans or underprivileged children, where they could learn a well rounded basic education, but also to educated them on the AIDS epidemic, which effects a high amount of South African Youth. From my time at the project, which has been 4 years, the orphanage has contracted a library, as well as a proper English program through our donations, and knowing this really warms my heart.

For the SAVP project, I have organized many fundraisers and events to raise money, most notably the Asian Dinner, and the Movember Project. The Asian Dinner served as the groups primary source of money, where each year, students would prepare Asian Cuisine, and serve them in a Buffet fashion, where attendees would pay an entry fee to enjoy the meal. I have organized this event for the past two years, the average profit from the event was around 20,000 RMB. I organized the Movember project the year before (2014), but due to examination schedules, had to pass on the project to another member. The Movember project consisted of a donation project, where people would pay money to see fellow students or teachers to shave their heads. All proceeds of the project also went towards the SAVP group, however this project also had the external benefits of having also raised awareness on Men’s Health.

As a person who has received education, and being equipped with adequate skills in Chinese and English linguistics, as well as a Visual Art and Theater background, I feel I still have much to offer to the world, especially in the form of education.

I feel as a human being, the path of service should always be, as spreading privilege means giving someone the ability to push through their struggles. Education is the fundamental ingredient to development, and development leads to perseverance and the end of poverty.

As an individual, my hopes for the world are that sexual orientation discrimination will end. As a feminist, I hope for the world that gender equality is achieved, and that both equal pay and opportunity will be presented the the whole gender spectrum. Service for me isn’t a motivation, it is an apoptotic aspect of myself. It is a natural instinct; it is my identity.

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