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To whom it may concern,
I would like to apply to this Voluntary service. My name is Janne Berg, I’m 17 years old and live in Berlin, Germany. Currently, I attend the Schadow-Gymansium in the Berlin district Zehlendorf and will graduate in the year 2019. For several years it has been my ambition to travel to a Third World country, to live and work there voluntarily and to help. Starting from when I was a child, I was interested in this and was dedicated to gather donations for charity, “Welthungerhilfe” and “Plan International” for instance, and was engaged in work at an animal shelter and at school. I enjoy learning new languages and especially cultures, which is why I spent half a year abroad in Canada in 2017, attended High School there and lived with a host family. It was an unforgettable time for me, arriving in a foreign country that differentiates so much from your home. Through my stay in Canada I gained many friends from there but also some that were from Italy, Mexico, Brazil and Australia, who spent a year abroad as well. During my time there I learned how my international friends have similar struggles, hopes, and dreams and that is something we need to cherish. Knowing people from various countries have shaped my character and notions in many different ways. Multiculturalism is in no way a burden; it is a great opportunity. For example it encouraged me to acquaint with more cultures. We need to seize transnational relationships and benefit from them, embrace our differences, instead of judging them. Because of my time abroad in Canada I speak and write English fluently and am also fond to extend my knowledge in Spanish, which is why I´m keen on going to a Spanish speaking country and studied Latin from year 5 to 11 and therefore earned my Latinum. In the summer of 2017 I gathered experiences in the care for the eldery while I volunteered at a living community for elderly suffering with dementia. For a few weeks I worked as a caterer in 2017 and furthermore I pursue a hobby in acting and had several roles, play the piano and exercise almost everyday by doing track and field, playing Volleyball in a club, boxing, running and going to the gym. In addition to that I lead an extra curricular club organizing social projects for example supporting charity organizations or schools in third world countries, with which we meet regularly to discuss problems we need to solve and which I afterwards personally discuss with our principle. Furthermore I lead a club for designing and producing school merchandize and logos, moreover I am part of the committee of the fine arts department of my school where I discuss the fine arts curriculum with the teachers.
One hears and reads considerably much about the situation in developing countries, regarding their accommodation, the deficient hygiene and the sustenance, how high the unemployment and homeless rates are, and that changes have to be made. For me personally, it is important to not only talk about having to change something but to actually take action. To see it with my own eyes and to get an impression how differently developed countries function and to tackle the problems they face.
I believe that it is almost self-explanatory that if you were born into a very wealthy and spoiled society, to give something back and to do something for people who weren’t born into an abundant lifestyle. Therefore, I find it essential
to establish and maintain communication between different cultures and countries, because everyone profits from relationships and you can learn a lot from one another.
By living and working on-site I want to learn different cultures, traditions and lifestyles, meet new people and explore the country. I want to engage with the locals about their living conditions, their attitudes and habits, ideas and perspectives and consequently hope to gain a critical view and new perspective on the world, my home and culture, my personal behaviours and habits. At the same time I want to give the locals a view on my German culture. With my then newly earned experiences I want to pass them on to the people at home in Germany, to give them insight into the reality of people living in Third World countries, to overcome prejudices and false notions and I believe that the best way to do so, is by using the year after graduation wisely by making these experiences.
As mentioned above I have experience in volunteer work, I am communicative, open-minded, enjoy working in a team, meeting new people and appreciate challenges. On these grounds I am qualified to commit in volunteering abroad am looking to it!

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