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10 / 2018

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Application for a scholarship for my volunteer work in New Zeeland and Australia

Dear Sir or Madam,

Paired with the wish of being useful after 13 years of school and my Abitur, I decided to apply for volunteer service at your company. I’m Emily, 18 years old, and I know that I will do my best at the voluntary work because I already work voluntarily in my free time. I helped at several sport events and did some voluntary practical trainings.

My motivation for this work is to help other people and to do some little things for the environment, which could be a big advance. I really like to be in the nature and to work with other people. Because they are all different, have special traditions, the teamwork is never the same and you are able to learn from each other, especially if everyone has a different culture and special traditions. Therefore the teamwork is very varied and together we can safe our own environment with some little volunteer movements. In New Zeeland and Australia, the culture is totally different to the culture of my native country. Being tolerant means to me being curious of the diversities, open-minded to the people and respect the rules.

I really like exploring other cultures which I realized when I did my first student exchange. It was such an inspiring and exciting experience not living at home, that I did three student exchanges to France, England and Sweden. Especially during the time in England I mentally grew up which also means that I learned to act responsible in my own initiative. This quality could be helpful in New Zeeland and Australia, too.

I will approve the English language with the different dialects because I love speaking English and the communication with my team would be easier, too. My English will still be my best foreign language, and this is very important when you want to communicate with people from all over the world. Furthermore I will meet the other culture and their traditions. I want to see special and beautiful areas of these two countries and try to learn how to eat and to cook the traditional food. I want to dilate my personal strengths, across my own borders and hopefully meet new and extraordinary people from all over the world.

New Zeeland and Australia have an interesting and amazing landscape and their culture as their traditions are so different to my home country Germany. That is the reason why I want to visit and volunteer for these two countries. I look forward to hear from you.

Yours sincerely


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