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Soga Freya Charlotte aus 96049 Bamberg

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1 / 2019

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5 Monate


Of course there are many aspects that are playing an important role in my decision to participate in a project related to development politics.
First of all, traveling has always been an important part of my life. My family has traveled a lot ever since I was a little child and I am lucky I got to see so much of our world already. But that only made me curious for more. I want to get to know other cultures, understand them, really living in the country instead of only watching from the outside as a tourist, because to me there is nothing more life-enhancing. For example, I spent three month in Canada in a host family when I was in 10th grade, which was a huge step for me back then. Although, objectively seen, that was not a long time and not much change in my lifestyle, this experience helped me see my life at home with a different view. That was when I realized that there is no better way to grow and learn than stepping out of your comfort zone and confronting yourself with your fears instead of hiding from them. Which is exactly what I want to do, so I can get to know a completely different culture and situation than at home, which I hope will be an eye-opening experience that helps me to learn more about the world and even myself.
Furthermore, I think the fact that I have a lot of traveling experience and that I love the English language and languages in general will help me a lot doing such a project. Moreover I have the CAE proving my English skills are at Level C1, because through and since Canada I am more sure in the language. And last but not least, my father and stepmother are psychologists and I myself am a very sensitive person, which has often made it possible for me to help others in my environment, get to know people and understand them. For example, friends often ask me for advice in their relationship or when they are not feeling good. I like getting involved with people, being there for them and it is very rewarding to see that I can help sometimes.
But the most significant reason for me to participate in this kind of project is the way I see the world, my philosophy if you will: We are all human. We are all equal. Not identical, but with an equal right to live and to be happy. And still, the world at the point it is doesn't allow that ideal to be true, not at all. Equality is one of the most basic human rights and still there are so many boundaries and obstacles. Although they should not, skin colour, religion, gender and many other aspects, most importantly place of birth and wealth, do matter. And that is so unfair. If you think about our world, there are so many amazing things to say: Humans are able to fly, to travel to the other end of the world within days, to communicate without even seeing or hearing each other. And in many wealthy, enlightened countries, tolerance, one of the most important virtues in my opinion, has started to spread: tolerance against other than hetero- sexualities, different religions and lifestyles. Acceptance of difference is the first very important step, but what I see is more than that: actual tolerance, seeing that it is absolutely okay to live the way you want as long as you don't hurt others, and even more than that, and that is understanding. When I see these tendencies proven by developments like gay couples being able to marry, finally in Germany too, or people helping refugees, who often have experienced terrible things, to start over and build a better life, or plastic straws and microplastic being forbidden by the government, I see what this world could become: Humanity facing our problems as one, a unity, as equals, instead of fighting, abusing and exploiting each other.
But on the other hand, on top of the wars, terrorism, exploitation of nature and climatic change, that already exist, we make things worse. There are right-wing forces getting stronger and stronger in Europe and U.S.A., which results in these countries only focussing on their own interests. There are politics only aimed at quick profit instead of thinking and acting long-term. And there are millions of people in our western, industrialized world, that live in a bubble, focussing on consuming and profit instead of values that are really important in life. But the biggest issue: They are hiding away from all the problems we are having, although we are the only ones with the money, influence and means to really do something to make things better. I don't want to be part of this illusion of a paradise any longer, that is only built on ignoring the horrible misery of others, even causing it by exploiting already poor countries, just so we can keep our wealth, and always get more. I want to break my own bubble, maybe motivate people to do the same. This experience will help me to do that better than any documentary, article or shocking, written down fact ever could. Because then it is right there, it is reality. Although of course in my mind I know it is, I am sure really experiencing it will change my perspective on many things in ways I haven't even thought about yet. In my opinion, as an individual there is no better way to face the problems we are having in this world, than being right there in critical developing countries, talking to and helping people that suffer and yes, getting to know a little bit of the sad, bad part of this world, of which, I have to admit, I have seen almost nothing so far in real life. That is why I want to start by contributing my part to make things better. Of course I can't save the world, but the biggest thing I can influence, is to do the best I can to make things better. Therefore I want to start with a project, where I can help the people who really need it on location and in the right way, which means helping them to help themselves whenever it is possible.

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