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  • Wohnort : DE - 25885 Wester-Ohrstedt


Dear ladies and gentlemen!

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Gönke and I am 17 years old.
I live near a small city called Husum in the north of Germany.
I will take my high-school diploma in summer 2016.
My side job is to deliver newspapers for 2 hours in my village to earn my own money every weekend.
Moreover I am babysitting 2 younger children once a week, because it is a lot of fun to spend time with little children and to take care of them.
Furthermore, I have a great family cohesion and I can reckon on them.
My hobbies are taking pictures, travelling around the world, reading, editing videos, meeting friends and trying to do something creative.
It is interesting for me to know something about foreigners and the culture from other countries.
I am also interested in geography and especially the globalization.

I did a 2-weeks-exchange to China two years ago. When I arrived in a small town, I saw the differences between a developed and an undeveloped city with my own eyes. It was the first time, when I thought about volunteering.

The second situation was in January 2014 when our teacher asked us, what we would like to do in our future. I was not sure, but I always said, I would like to work and help people and travel around the world.

The third situation was a few months later, when we had an information day about our future. A man told us about volunteering. On that day, I had a clear imagination about what I am going to do after school. I would like to volunteer.

Reasons why I would like to do voluntary service are firstly that I think it is really important to help people.
Most people in our society close their eyes about the strenuous live in other or their own countries nowadays.
It would be nice, if I could help and make the people happier.
In addition, I want to widen my horizon and hope that I could also learn something from people in other countries.

I decided to do a voluntary service, because I like the idea that humans help humans.

All in all, I would be thankful if you would offer me the chance to do voluntary service.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Gönke V.

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  • Dienstbeginn : 9 / 2016 oder nach Absprache
  • Dauer : 9 Monate oder nach Absprache

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    Englisch, bedingte Spanischkenntnisse

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